– From Nothing to Everything

Surya Indo Utama experienced

for more than 50 years

Plastic waste that is not treated properly can cause damage to our environmental ecosystem. In fact, if plastic waste is managed properly, the benefits are not only for our earth and nature, but also for your business opportunities and profits!

Surya Indo Utama, with 50 years of experience in plastic waste management, is committed to taking part in protecting the environment and driving Indonesia's economy from receiving plastic waste  and processing into recycled plastic pellets with premium quality that are ready to be sold.

"From Nothing to Everything" is a motto that reflects our effort in managing plastic waste that is often considered as something that has no 'value' into a treasure of 'high value' and can be recycled by businesses. Most importantly, Surya Indo Utama also supports the sustainability movement where our earth is free from plastic waste.



About SIU

Surya Indo Utama believes that plastic is a valuable earth resource that can be used continuously. With more than 50 years of experience we can ensure your plastic waste is recycled safely & professionally. Your plastic waste will be directly processed into plastic seeds with a large capacity machine that is able to manage waste in large quotas on a regular and consistent basis.s

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